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Neuro Challenge Care Advisors work with our community partners to coordinate monthly programs both virtual and in person, in the communities we serve. Participants in our monthly programs gain valuable information and have the opportunity to meet others also facing the journey with Parkinson’s while being enveloped in a community of caring and support.

Additionally, our Care Advisors take it one step further and support people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers in navigating the complexities of managing the disease by providing individualized support and community resource referrals for boxing, cycling, movement and yoga classes, voice therapy, art therapy and more.

You will find here some of those resources from both our partners, Care Advisors, and Sponsors to support you on your journey!

Sunovion’s OFF Treatment Patient Brochure

Sunovion’s OFF Treatment Patient Brochure

Duopa Decision Brochure -

AbbVie “Enough is Enough” Brochure

Sarasota Memorial Health Brochures

Sarasota Memorial Health Brochures

Parkinson's Cards to Heroes Toolkit

Parkinson’s Cards to Heroes Toolkit

Parkinson Pro Diet

Parkinson Pro Diet


Parkinson’s Parkinson’s Disease Resource Guide

Tips for Caregivers


Solution to Improved Handwriting


Parkinson’s Exercise Recommendations


Kyowa Kirin Brochure

Mind-Body Approaches and Social Connection in Parkinson’s

Mind-Body Approaches and Social Connection in Parkinson’s by Indu Subramanian, MD

Exploring Exercise for PD

Exploring Exercise for PD by Danny Bega, MD, MSCI


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